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Oldtown Valley Farm LLC was first established in 2019 in New Philadelphia, Ohio. My name is Jordan Huff and our mission here at OTV is to improve the quality of taste and freshness of our products available to customers in our area. Raising Cattle and Chickens is our specialty, and we are wanting to transform our focus from Longhorn to Wagyu production in the near future. OTV receives a lot of help from my girlfriend Deveni and my close relatives. Deveni and I are both certified in Artificial Insemination through Select Sires, and we are hoping to pursue our knowledge of AI for local farms as well as doing it for our own business. Reach out to us and come check out Oldtown Valley Farm located on Joyce Hill Rd SW New Philadelphia, OH 44663. 


Wagyu is Japanese beef, and it's a special kind of beef that is much more marbled than typical American beef, and it's the marbling that contributes to tenderness, moistness, and flavor.


At OTV we sell meat processed by two main processors Baltic Meats and Sugar Valley Meats. We raise high quality cattle for butcher, we sell by 1/4, 1/2 or whole. We have also raised pigs for butcher as well and sold meat piece by piece or whole.


The Texas Longhorn has a good quality of beef that is naturally less in fat content and generally a lot leaner than most beef. This makes it lower in cholesterol for the health conscious.

  • New Philadelphia, Ohio, United States

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